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Watching Europa - The eBook.

In recent weeks I've been spending far too much time on the book version of Watching Europa, only to find that now, just as I have it completed and all ready for publishing, Blurb has changed its pricing policies in such a way as to make an actual print version just prohibitively expensive.

For the moment that's a sum gain for you, though, as I've decided to make the ePub version available for free to anyone who wants a copy for their iPad or other e-reader.


Even on a smaller electronic screen it looks lovely, and if you're fortunate enough to have an iPad with a retina screen, I imagine it will look lovelier still.


This is the full 64 page version of the book, with complete credits, notes and exclusive images that don't feature in the animations. It's an invitation-only deal, so you'll have to email me and ask for the link to the file. 


I really hope you enjoy this book - I think it's a beautiful thing in and of itself, and it will of course make a great companion to the Blu-ray Maquette version of Watching Europa, which is coming very very soon.

If I get enough interest I may push ahead with the print version of the book, but for now, it's still digital bits. 

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